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Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Weekend of Weight Loss To Go!

Well, I can hardly believe it, but here I am: it's my final weekend in the weight loss phase!

My weigh-in yesterday yielded a 2-lb loss for the week, which I'm pretty happy with, but it left me a mere 1.25 lbs away from my goal weight! Total official SlimGenics loss is 98.25 lbs!

Of course, do you think I'm just dancing in the streets that I made it that close to goal 2 weeks early? (Well, maybe a little!) But really, I'm just trying to figure out what I can do this weekend to shed that last 1.25 lbs so I'll be at goal when I weigh in on Tuesday morning!! At least with Memorial Day being Monday, I get an extra day! I know I should be happy with being only a pound away (and I am), but to be SO CLOSE... I just want to hit goal!

Of course, I got on the scale this morning and it didn't budge from yesterday's weight...

So Monday morning I will be starting the Balance Phase. I went shopping yesterday to pick up some extra foods that will be allowed and I think it's actually quite hilarious that I'm as excited as I am to be able to eat peas and corn again! And of course, the swiss cheese isn't going to be horrible either!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoys the extra day off work!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not Going Down Without a Fight!!!

Last week = rock star week! 3 lbs! This week? Not so much...

To be fair, I kind of expected this. That kind of week this late in the game? It was unlikely to be repeated this week!

So, today I started yet another plateau-breaker! I gotta give my SlimGenics center credit - they are throwing everything at me they can to help me be successful and get to goal before the end of my weight loss phase, which is after next week. This breaker has me eating FIVE of their thermo-snacks a day!

I weighed in on Monday and started out the week down .5 lbs. I weighed in yesterday and hadn't budged at all. Tomorrow will be my last chance to lose anything significant for the week.

Today was Day 1 on the breaker, so it may be a little late to salvage this week, but even if it carries forward into another rock star week next week I'll be happy!!

I'll check back over the weekend and let everyone know the results of my week and how this particular breaker is treating me.

Part of me wants to ask for prayer that I can see this through and get to goal before starting balance and another part of me thinks that's greedy. But God has brought me this far, I REALLY want to see Him do something amazing and shed these last 4 lbs from me in a little over a week. Only He can do that and I believe I'm on this journey to finish it!

Either way, I know I'll lose it, but can you blame me for wanting to finish strong and know that I accomplished exactly what I had set out to do 2 weeks early?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Soooooooo Close!!

I now have only 2 weight loss weeks left (well, I actually have 14 left that I either paid for or earned) and as of my weigh-in on Saturday, I have only 4.75 lbs to go! I lost 3 lbs on the week (yay!) for a total loss of 94.75 lbs!

Of course, as has almost always been the case when I've been close to milestones, I ended my week .25 lbs away from another one! But hey, getting under that 5-pound-to-go mark is also a milestone and I hit that this week!

So hopefully I'll hit 95 lbs when I weigh in on Monday, and then the next milestone up will be GOAL!!!

While sometimes it feels like I've been dieting FOREVER, it hasn't even been 9 months since I started SlimGenics! I would say that I have most definitely experienced a "results not typical" amount of weight loss by giving it to God and doing the work to strictly adhere to the SG plan. He must have known that I would need to finish a little early since we would be leaving Minnesota this summer! (Imagine that! )

I need to lose just under 2.5 lbs each of my last 2 weeks in order to hit goal before starting balance. I had said that I would be happy just getting within 5 lbs (I am stopping the weight loss phase 2 weeks earlier than the original weight loss weeks I purchased; I've earned an additional 10 along the way), and since I'm already there, I'm obviously extremely pleased with how this has gone. I know I have a shot at hitting goal before balance, but I'm honestly not counting on it. I know I had a great 3-lb week this week, but I've had many more 1.75 lb type of weeks lately.

Either way, just 2 weeks to go and we'll be onto the next phase of the diet! Please pray that I have the motivation to end strong as I transition into Balance!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gaining More Than Losing

I remember that day that I first walked into SlimGenics. Lots of hope that I would lose a lot of weight. I also remember one of the things I filled out was a list of things I hoped to gain. Things like self-confidence, energy, etc. I am now staring the end of my weight-loss phase in the face and I started reflecting on this.

This week I lost 1.75 lbs, putting me at a total of 91.75 official lbs lost. Left to lose? 7.75 lbs. (I actually want to lose about 15 more, but 7.75 lbs puts me at my original SlimGenics goal.)

That's a lot of loss, wouldn't you say? But I truly have gained so much more and today it is so obvious! Here's why...

My 10-year wedding anniversary was this past Thursday. I am so blessed in this area as I'm married to a wonderfully Christ-centered man who has loved and supported me all the way through this and back again. I thank Jesus for him every single day.

So tonight, we have reservations at a fabulous italian restaurant where I intend to eat whatever I want to celebrate. I've known it, SlimGenics knows it. I am also going out to eat with family tomorrow for Mother's Day. So, with those two events in mind, I told SlimGenics that I was just going to go off-plan for the entire weekend. I even wrote "OFF PLAN" on my journal ahead of time for both Saturday and Sunday.

Then this morning happened, showing me just how much I've truly gained in the area of healthy eating habits. I stayed on-plan!!

All week, I was making a mental list of the foods I might enjoy this weekend, but when the day finally arrived, I didn't want to do it! I DO intend to enjoy my meal tonight and my meal tomorrow, but that DOESN'T mean I need to throw the whole weekend away! WHOA! THAT is different thinking for me and proof of just how much I have truly learned and gained along the way.

I don't want to backslide after coming this far! I don't want to feel terrible and sluggish tonight because I ate bad food all day. So I had my normal breakfast and I just enjoyed my first SlimGenics Thermo-Snack of the day as I was starting this post.

And... it will make the meal tonight all the sweeter and more special, don't you think?