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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Early Thanksgiving Dilemma

I know it's early for most everyone to be thinking about Thanksgiving, but the reason it's early for me is the same reason it's a dilemma.

My Grandma, Aunt & Uncle snowbird in Laughlin, NV for the winter and they're leaving very soon. Therefore, our family is celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.

Now, I had decided that I was going to not worry about SlimGenics and dieting for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it's coming up so soon after the NY "trip of eating" and only a couple weeks after doing the plateau-breaker. As a result, this week I am seeing a really good loss so far (just went and weighed in over lunch and I'm down 2.5 lbs from last Friday until today - total loss of 33.25 lbs). 

Since the weight loss seems to ebb and flow, I'm hesitant to interrupt a period of really good weight loss. I'm much more willing to eat off plan when I'm not seeing a lot of loss.

I guess we'll see how the week shaped up when I do my weigh-in on Friday and re-evaluate at that time.


Crissi said...

sooooo... can you have a little turkey and a little tatos and not gourge yourself

Aunt Kitty said...

Ang I think you will make the correct decision only by yourself on this. Think about it. Would a little bit of the meal hurt you? Sure if you shovel it in it probably will. Having a little taste and setting your mind on that's it shouldn't really hurt you. You've got a great head on your shoulders hon so you decide and then go and have a wonderful time with grandma, aunt and uncle.
love you lots, aunt kitty

Angie said...

Yeah, I'm going to just have some turkey and potatoes. The turkey is on plan and the potatoes will count as my starch, milk and fat for the day. :-)