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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Weather Made Me Do It!

So I had my first unplanned "oops" today. Between the weather outside (we've gotten about 10" of snow so far and it's still falling fast - they're saying around 15" - 20" when all is said and done) and this chest cold making me feel rotten, I just couldn't muster up the appetite for salad for lunch. Sooo... we ordered pizza.

I only have one thing to say about it right now: IT WAS GOOD!!! ;-)


danibabe2 said...

OMG!!! That sounds delicious. I've SOOOO been craving pizza. I feel that occasionally (very occasionally) you have to give yourself a treat or allow something "off" plan otherwise you're just going to feel deprived and jump of the wagon completely. So, just don't let this throw your entire plan off, but I think you'll be fine!

I haven't even ventured out yet to shovel because I figure with the winds and drifts that are out there that there is no real reason to do anything since it'll be ruined in three seconds. LOL.

Have a great day inside :)

Angie said...

Thank you!

We had a trip to NYC in October where I went off plan (and it was planned), but that's been the only time since I started the diet in late August.

I agree - occasionally we need a treat and today just happens to be that day. :-)

And I agree with you on the shoveling - my hubby shoveled the sidewalk first thing this morning and it's like he didn't even do anything! O_O!

You enjoy your day as well. :-)