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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I May Never Have Apple Cider Vinegar Again...

...after I'm done with this diet!!

Last week I had another good week - lost 2.75 lbs putting me at 78.5 total. Yay!

Then... it just stopped. I weighed exactly the same thing on Tuesday as I did last Friday. So, today is Day 1 of a 2-day breaker that has me using Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times/day. I don't have to do shots or anything (I have to use it with food), but still - I'm SO OVER ACV!! Just the smell of it reminds me of the times I HAVE done shots of it. Haha!!

Add in the raw parsley I have to put in my salad twice a day (gross!!) and I can't wait for tomorrow to be over and this breaker behind me! I haven't really disliked one, until this one. 

Thank the good Lord that it's only 2 days. I can do this!!


Mr. Mike said...

You can do it and you are doing it. Cause you rock! :)

Misty said...

Raw parsley? That sounds absolutely gross. What is the reason behind the parsley? Or wait... do I want to know?

Angie said...

You know, I actually do not know what the parsley does - I assume it has something to do with shedding water weight as well, though, since it's technically a "Detox" plateau breaker and all things seem to be designed for that purpose.

The parsley just may be worse than the apple cider vinegar. LOL!