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Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Tell My Comfort Level With a Recipe

This morning I tackled the Apple Pancakes recipe out of the SlimGenics cookbook. About half-way through, as this cooking dummy struggled with the seemingly simple task of peeling and grating half an apple, I realized that I was making one of the biggest messes my kitchen had ever seen!

By the time I was pouring the batter into the pan to cook said pancakes, the kitchen looked like I had spent an entire day slaving over a meal for 12, not apple pancakes for breakfast, for one!!

I then pictured myself making hamburger stroganoff or cheese tetrazzini from scratch and thought, man, those are much more complex recipes, but I clean up as I go and by the time the dish is in the oven, etc. the kitchen is spotless.

It's because I am comfortable with those recipes and have made them a thousand times! 

So if you're ever over for dinner and I'm making a huge mess while making dinner, you're likely a guinea pig for a new recipe! ;-)

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